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DPhil in Computer Science

If accepted for our DPhil, you will be introduced to cutting-edge research whilst studying in a beautiful, historic setting that is both student and family-friendly. In Oxford, the Doctor of Philosophy degree is abbreviated to DPhil, but in all other respects it is equivalent to a PhD elsewhere.

The DPhil in Computer Science is an advanced research degree, awarded for significant (new) contribution to the existing body of knowledge in the field of Computer Science. You will work with world-class experts in their field. The DPhil normally takes three to four years of full-time study to complete.

Your supervision will be via the department's research themes, together with cross-disciplinary research in areas such as linguistics, biology, medicine, quantum foundations and quantum computation. Our department is also involved in Doctoral Training Centres in Cyber Security and Autonomous Intelligent Machines and Systems (AIMS).

Our course combines individual supervision with a selection of lecture courses, transferable skills training and opportunities to participate in leading-edge research activities. You will receive close, individual support from an expert in your field and you will be assigned a supervisor whose role is to guide your research. You may also have a joint supervisor from within our department, another Oxford department or externally to the University if your research would benefit from this. You will also have a college advisor and a departmental advisor.

We invite applications from graduates of Oxford's high-quality undergraduate and Master's degrees, as well as those who have studied at other national and international institutions. When we consider your application, one of the factors that we will take into account is whether a suitable supervisor is available.

During your study at Oxford, the department hopes to share with you some of the excitement about the topics that the department investigates, and of the understanding the department has gained from research into basic theory and by industrial collaboration. The development of Computer Science at Oxford has been heavily supported by research grant funding from the government, the EU and science foundations, as well as donations and sponsorship from the department's industrial partners. The department is committed to offering you the best supervision, and to providing a stimulating research environment.

During your first year you are expected to complete three pieces of assessed work: one piece comes from attending a taught course and taking the examination; one has to be a paper written during the course of one term, which may be publishable; and the final piece can be from another taught course or a specially designed reading course.

Your work is assessed either by the supervisor or the examiner for a taught course. You are also expected to complete a literature review which should survey the state-of-the-art research in your chosen area. It should explain the background of the proposed research, any results that have been obtained by other researchers, and conclusions that may be drawn. You are expected to give a clear and coherent account, demonstrating competence in organising ideas and presenting them in a scholarly manner.

You will also be offered transferable skills training and are required to give presentations to your research groups.




LENGTH OF COURSE: Three to four years

NUMBER OF PLACES AVAILABLE: c. 30 (Oct 2018 - Sept 2019)

DEADLINES: 12 noon (midday), UK time, on: Friday 10 January 2020 and Tuesday 3 March 2020

Sarah Retz-Jones
Graduate Studies Administrator
Tel: +44 (0)1865 283559