Overview »

This event combines three workshops: Automatheo, CIAO, and a one-day Quantomatic Mini-workshop.

Automatheo aims to highlight the area of mathematical theory exploration and foster collaboration amongst those working in software verification, formalised mathematics, and mathematical research, as well as help provide a shared understanding of the theory and tools for automated invention and discovery of mathematical theories. This topic concerns the theory and practice of developing software systems that support the automated development of mathematical theories, including the invention of definitions, theorems, conjectures, problems, examples and algorithms.

CIAO is intended to provide a snapshot of research in automating mathematical reasoning, especially in the areas of proof planning, rippling, verification, theory exploration, formalisation of mathematical theories and related areas.

On April 4, there will be a Quantomatic Mini-workshop, where the developers of the automated graph rewrite tool Quantomatic invite anyone interested in the project to see the tool in action and discuss new features, ideas and improvements relevant to their own research and interests, particularly in quantum information and computation.

Call for Participation »

Everyone interested is invited to participate. There will be a minor registration fee to cover the expense of coffee breaks, to be paid at the event, but there is no formal registration. Prospective speakers are invited to submit a title and an abstract to one of the organisers. We recommend speakers give a 30 minute talk, but in certain circumstances, more time can be given where available.

Anyone wishing to attend should email the conference organisers at: automatheo@cs.ox.ac.uk before Thursday, March 18.

Schedule »

The Quantomatic Mini-workshop will start at 9:30 on Monday, April 4th. There will be four or five short talks and tutorials in the morning, followed by an extended discussion/Q&A session in the afternoon.

The main workshop will start at 9:30 on Tuesday, April 5th and finish at 5:30 on Wednesday.

Click here for the workshop program.

Organisers »

University of Oxford: Bob Coecke, Aleks Kissinger, Alex Merry.
University of Edinburgh: Alan Bundy, Roy McCasland.
Google: Lucas Dixon.

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Automatheo 2011 is hosted in the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford.

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Department of Computer Science
Wolfson Building
Parks Road

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