Daphne Jackson Fellowships – Hosting


The MPLS division have been awarded Diversity Funds to create 3 Daphne Jackson Fellowships.  A Daphne Jackson Fellowship is a unique fellowship designed to return STEM professionals to their careers after a break. Fellows normally carry out their research part-time over 2 years, in a University or research establishment in the UK. The Fellowships are flexible and include a tailored training programme designed to update skills and knowledge and support individuals in their return to research. These Fellowships can also be of incredible benefit to PIs and Research groups, and generally helps the University promote part-time working.

In order to progress with recruitment and selection for these 6 positions, it is important at this stage to get an idea of “who” in “which” department would be interested in arranging and hosting a part-time Daphne Jackson Fellow. You may be an individual PI, or a Research group, and see the value in the having such a fellow working with you. We would also welcome hearing from you if you have had experience in hosting such fellowships and any wisdom you can impart.

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CoopMAS’15 – International Workshop

The 6th International Workshop on Cooperative Games in Multiagent Systems is occuring in May 2015. The workshop is intended to focus on topics in cooperation in multi­agent systems, cooperative game theory and cooperative solution concepts among other things. It should be of interest to researchers who study the mathematical and algorithmic properties of cooperative games; researchers interested in promoting cooperation in multiagent systems, designing and implementing collaborating agents and mechanisms that incentivise cooperation; and researchers studying the underlying connections between cooperative game theory and other topics in game theory and computer science.

The organisers are seeking submission of papers for this workshop, which describe original work, as well as accepted AAMAS short papers, and work recently published in conferences other than AAMAS. These should be a maximum of 15 pages.

Date: 4th-5th May 2015
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

The deadline for submissions is the 15th February 2015

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Present at the British Science Festival – Call

The British Science Festival is occurring in September 2015. It is Europe’s longest-standing national event which connects people with scientists, engineers, technologists and social scientists, and tens of thousands of people come together to celebrate the latest developments and to engage in open discussion about issues that interest the wider public about science.

There is an open call for proposals to present at the British Science Festival 2015, from September 7th-10th. This presentation would aim to bring cutting edge science to a wider audience, and is open to academics, individuals and organisations who are interested in getting involved.

Deadline for submissions: 23rd March 2015.
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Alongside this there is also a targeted special call for early career researchers (nominally <40 y.o.) to nominate to present an ‘Award Lecture’ during the Festival. For the ECRs Award Call, those selected to talk about their research and explore the ‘social aspects’ (incl. political and ethical dimensions) and the social impacts of their research will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the British Science Festival, a £250 honorarium and an invitation to the Festival Dinner.

Deadline for Submissions: 2nd March 2015.
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Online Research Database Service (ORDS) – Training


The Online Research Database Service (ORDS) is a is a new service for researchers based at the University of Oxford, having been developed in-house by IT Services. It is a free, centrally supported service for University of Oxford researchers and their collaborators, designed to make it easy to create, edit, search, and share research databases online.

The ORDS is a web-based, cloud-hosted service. It enables easy collaboration, as multiple editors can work on a single database. Access controls enable project owners to choose who has permission to do what. Besides creating databases from scratch, researchers can also import existing data from Access databases, from spreadsheets, or from SQL database files, enabling old data to take on a new lease of life. Data in the ORDS can be exported in common formats for analysis, sharing and archiving.

A training course is being held by IT Services to offer advice as to how to get the most out of this service:

Date: Monday 16th February 2015
2pm until 5pm
Location: IT Services, 13 Banbury Road

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Early Career Researchers


This workshop will introduce you to some of the basic concepts of Entrepreneurship and to the Launchpad at the Said Business School. The Launchpad supports the activities of the Skoll Centre and the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Business School, drawing together entrepreneurial endeavour from all parts of Oxford, both within and external to the University. It is a place where students, faculty, and the wider Oxford entrepreneurial community can meet to collaborate, create and strengthen ventures, as well as to share knowledge, practice and connections. In this session you’ll start that process and discover how beating the odds, is actually just down to you thinking a little differently. You will take away at the end:

  • A strong understanding of the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Why “entrepreneurship” isn’t a bad word, and what it actually means
  • Gain a light grasp on team dynamics
  • Develop an entrepreneurial lens.
  • Understand how you can be a part of entrepreneurial activity at Oxford

Date: Thursday 12th February 2015
Time: 18:00-20:00
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