CaSE and EPC Launch Report into the Role of EU Membership in UK Science and Engineering Research

The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) and the Engineering Professors’ Council (EPC) have launched a new report today (16 December) on the role of EU membership in UK science and engineering research.

EU Report front pageThe report aims to inform the debate ahead of the UK referendum on EU membership. It contains evidence and insight gained from analysis of available data and interactions with the science and engineering community.

A pre-publication copy has been submitted to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Inquiry on the Relationship between EU membership and UK science. In addition to investigating the scale and scope of EU research funding, the report includes the results of a survey conducted by CaSE and the EPC to capture the views and experiences of over 400 researchers.

Key Findings:

  • 93% of researchers asked in the CaSE and EPC survey agreed that EU membership is a major benefit to UK.
  • Some regions of the UK are more dependent than others on EU funding in maintaining research capacity and infrastructure, and as a result could suffer disproportionate adverse impacts if this source was withdrawn.
  • The ability to attract academic staff to the UK through free movement of labour is important, particularly in science and engineering.
  • The role and benefits of EU membership to UK research is considered by researchers to be broader than just the funding for research that EU projects bring to the UK. The improvement in quality, reach and impact, facilitated by EU collaboration and coordination, helps to solve “Grand Challenge” problems in a way that would be much harder for any one country to achieve alone.

Please find more information and the full report here.



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