Dstl – Distributed Analytics and Information Science Call


The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) have announced the intention to form a new and innovative consortium between the US and the UK in the area of Distributed Analytics and Information Science (DAIS). The DAIS ITA program seeks to develop the fundamental underpinning research required to enable secure, dynamic, semantically-aware, distributed analytics for deriving situational understanding in coalition operations – addressing their increasing prevelence and complexity. The consortium, which will last for a 5 to 10 year period and spend around $8-10 million each year, will consider how to solve fundamental problems associated with how information is handled on a coalition battlefield, as they hope to significantly advance the state of the art in distributed analytics and information science, and ultimately improve information superiority.

Dstl and ARL are jointly holding an Opportunity Day in the UK on the 3rd February 2015, at the De Vere Holburn Bars, London, where applicants can learn how to get involved with the project:

To find out more – Click here
To register for the UK Opportunity Day – Click here

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