eFuturesXD Awards

eFuturesXD is a cross-disciplinary funder, offering awards to support UK academics in electronics as they initiate collaborative research across their discipline boundary. In this instance they are looking for collaborations which fall within the EPSRC ICT portfolio.

Currently 4 awards are available:

  • Travel Award – £5,000 to enable visits and exchanges
  • Meeting Award – £10,000 to organise events to build a consortium
  • Facility Award – £20,000 for the use of expensive facilities
  • Staff Award – £60,000 for carrying out larger scoping studies or for extended visits to teams within another discipline

In order to be eligible, you must conform to EPSRC eligibility guidelines, and therefore must hold an academic post. The proposal must involve at least two partners from UK universities and be cross-disciplinary within ICT. At least one applicant must be from the electronics community and must be active within eFutures, having registered with the website (http://efutures.ac.uk), provided their user profile and participated in network activities as appropriate.

Distribution of Funds

eFuturesXD has a total of £600,000 (100% FEC) to distribute over a three year period. They anticipate the release £100,000 (100% FEC) in each six month period of the grant although the panel are able to be flexible if required. The panel will meet every month to discuss applications and look at the overall portfolio.

If you are interested in applying for one of these awards please contact me.

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