ESOF 2016 – Call for Session Proposals

esof-2016-2Manchester are to hold European Science Open Forum Conference 2016. ESOF 2016  will take place during the 250th anniversary of the birth of John Dalton, Manchester resident and founder of modern atomic theory. The event will draw upon the scientific heritage of Manchester from Dalton, through Rutherford and Turing to the present day graphene Nobel Prize winners. ESOF are requesting session proposals on a variety of topics in preparation for the Science programme, allowing you opportunity to give a talk at ESOF 2016 and share your latest findings with the ESOF public. A topic of note that may be of interest is the below:

Turing’s legacy – data and the human brain: Turing’s legacy – data and the human brain: In the city of Alan Turing we put forward a theme which combines his direct legacy in artificial intelligence and the interface of humans with machines, together with the wider issues posed by data, online information exchange and communication in our society. As major projects address the nature of the human brain and our ability to simulate it, we ask where this is taking us? In the world of big data, what is the significance of the new analytics for scientific and citizen activities? What ethical, social and legal challenges are raised? Communication and learning as a sub-theme opens up issues of human development.

The closing date for proposals in the 2nd June 2015, with the event running in Manchester the 22nd-27th July 2016.

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