Gaming for Social Innovation Fellowship

AHRC are advertising a variety of fellowships linking technology and the AHRC remit. A particular fellowship that may be of interest is detailed below.

Gaming for Social Innovation

Host organisation Quicksand is a multi-disciplinary consultancy that brings user-centered design principles to the core of any innovation.  A key strand of their work includes developing educational games using Kinect technologies to break age, class, language, and literacy barriers. They aim to engage their audiences in activities to communicate social messages.

Fellows will collaborate to develop new games that will be featured at a mini-arcade at UnBox.

Fellows will gain invaluable experience researching, developing, pitching, and presenting socially conscious video games that educate as well as entertain. It also presents a golden opportunity to network with peers in a real-life, full-spectrum development project.

Research could focus on a range of areas, and thus appeal to a wide range of arts and humanities researchers.  Topics might include: the use of narrative in games-based scenarios; practise based creative (arts, digital, music, drama) researchers who are  interested in the development of games for real world application.  Another area to explore might be the reactions and responses of children and how these might feed in to further game development.  Researchers who are interested in the work of games lab as described [in relevant link/annex] and feel they would have valuable contributions to their work are asked to put themselves forward.


Location: New Delhi

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