EPSRC Healthcare Technologies NetworkPlus

epsrclogowebFollowing a previous post highlighting the new Healthcare Technologies long term strategy from EPSRC, they have today announced the call for their NetworkPlus proposals. This NetworkPlus programme seeks to establish new research communities around one of the Healthcare Technologies grand challenges.

The detailed aims of the awards are to:
— Bring together experts across relevant research areas
— Identify new research strategies and opportunities for addressing the challenge
— Engage with end users including businesses, clincians and focus groups
— Address obstacles related to the challenge
— Initiate preliminary or feasibility research

Networks are intended to be UK-wide and should have several disciplines and institutions involved. It is essential that User Engagement is considered in the wider network membership, and each proposal must explain and demonstrate how it will target the chosen challenge area.

Around 8 proposals will be funded at a cost of around £625,000 each (£5 mil/8 proposals) and can be 36-48 months in duration. A compulsory “Intention to Submit” will need to be submitted by the 8th September 2015, with the official deadline for this call being the 6th October 2015 at 4pm.

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