Leverhulme Trust are increasing their award values from 2015!


Leverhulme Trust has announced an increase to the amount of funding applicants will be able to request and receive via three key grant schemes that provide support to individual researchers and students, from 2015.

Maximum funding for the Research Fellowships scheme, which provides support for experienced researchers to conduct a programme of research over a period of three to twenty-four months, will be increased from £45,000 to £50,000. The new maximum value is intended to ensure the awards continue to offer flexibility as the costs of conducting research and appointing replacement teaching staff rise.

The value of the maintenance grant available through the Study Abroad Studentships scheme will also increase from £17,000 to £18,000 per annum. This increase is intended to contribute towards the rise in the cost of living

Finally, the maximum contribution to salary costs for Early Career Fellowships made by the Trust will increase to £24,000 per annum which, together with the £6,000 available for research expenses, will increase the total maximum grant available through this scheme to £90,000. This scheme offers fifty per cent match-funding for the salary costs of three-year academic research positions to enable early career researchers to undertake a significant piece of publishable work.

Research Fellowships and Study Abroad Studentships schemes are now open to new applications, and the new round for Early Career Fellowships will open from January 2015.

Leverhulme Visiting Professorships

The Leverhulme Trust has announced a call for it’s Visiting Professorships.

The objective of these awards is to enable distinguished academics based overseas to spend between three and twelve months inclusive at a UK university, primarily in order to enhance the skills of academic staff or the student body within the host institution. It is recognised that Visiting Professors may also wish to use the opportunity to further their own academic interests. The over-riding criteria for selection are first the academic standing and achievements of the visitor in terms of research and teaching, and secondly the ability of the receiving institution to benefit from the imported skills and expertise. Priority will be given to new or recent collaborative ventures.

Regarding the value of the award, the sum requested should reflect the individual circumstances of the visitor and the nature and duration of the proposed activities. A maintenance grant up to a level commensurate with the salary of a professor in the relevant field at the receiving institution may be requested. Economy travel costs to and from the UK will also be met. Requests for associated costs, if justified by the programme, may include, for example, travel within the UK, consumables, and essential technical assistance.

Full call details can be found at this link.

The official deadline 4pm 16 May 2013 (internal deadline 9 May 2013) OR 4pm 10 October 2013 (internal deadline 3 October 2013).

As always, let me know if you intend to apply.

Advice from Leverhulme Trust Director, Gordon Marshall


I’ve come across an interesting blog post, from the University of Lincoln, that may well be of interest.

The post features some advice and insight  from Gordon Marshall, the Director of Leverhulme Trust.


“Because we are not a research council and this is not public money, so we do not need to be constrained by caution… Something can be a very exciting, very promising, high-quality, [a] cohesive programme with a clear vision behind it, but very high-risk. Some funding agencies would have to back off at that point, but since the board is only answerable to itself for the outcomes, it can afford to take the risk,”

Rather than repeating it all here, I would definitely recommend heading over to the Lincoln blog, where it also includes details on how the Trust works, their Programme Grants and the selection process.