LMS Holgate Lectures and Workshops – Session Leaders Wanted!


For some years, the London Mathematical Society has run a ‘Holgate Lecture’ scheme. This has provided speakers an opportunity to go into schools to give a mathematical lecture to a group of students or teachers, and are intended to enrich and enhance mathematical education, looking both within and beyond the curriculum. The Society intends to re-launch this scheme, this time as the “Holgate Lecture and Workshop sessions”, and invites applications from people who would like to become Holgate Session Leaders.

It is anticipated that, primarily, each session leader will offer a range of sessions for those in education outside of higher education.  This could be at primary, secondary or A-Level or equivalent, and may also cover adult education. The leader would also be free to offer sessions to other relevant groups, for example teachers of mathematics, to enhance their professional mathematical development.

Holgate session leaders do not charge a fee for giving talks, but local organisers are expected to pay travel expenses and subsistence costs, together with any local costs of organising the session. The LMS will then pay an annual honorarium to the session leaders.

To apply, applicants are asked to send a short (2-page) CV and a letter detailing what it is they think they could offer as a Holgate Session Leader, and what they believe that the Holgate sessions could offer as an educational experience.

The closing date for applications is the 22nd May 2015. If you are interested, please contact Suzanna Marsh here, who will direct you to the next steps.

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