Mathematics and Digital Science Consultation

Horizon 2020 is offering many opportunities for researchers to contribute and shape the future of the programme. This particular online consultation aims to explore how mathematics can help science to better address the Big Data and high performance computing (HPC) challenges.

This consultation will stay open till 30 September 2014 and will gather opinions about:

  • The role of mathematics in big data
  • The role of mathematics in HPC, in particular exascale computing
  • The role of e-infrastructures in maths
  • The impact of applied and industrial mathematics on innovation
  • The preparation of the FET Proactive (HPC) and/or the e-Infrastructure Work Programmes 2016-17 under the Excellent Science pillar of Horizon 2020
  • Other suggestions for new mathematics related topics to be discussed online or in an upcoming workshop, including new practices in mathematics that could be stimulated by e-infrastructure and online collaborative media

If you would like to contribute or would just like more info (including reading the ongoing discussion) please visit this link: