Workshop: Introduction to Research Funding

This is a message to researchers and new academics alike who may currently be sitting at their desk wondering the following:

a)      What does Kelly actually do?
b)      Why does she keep sending me all these emails?
c)       What does it all mean?

I regularly speak to many of you and I am aware that there is a definite need for the academic funding landscape and my role here to be clarified, so I have set up a workshop.

Taking place in 2 weeks’ time, Introduction to Research Funding will be aimed at people with little or no experience of the funding landscape or of applying for their own funding. The session will include:

  • Who I am and what I do
  • An overview of the funding landscape for Computer Scientists
  • Demystifying the jargon
  • The types of funding available to you
  • What the internal processes are (departmental and divisional) when applying for funding
  • Costings: how they’re calculated and what they look like
  • The chance to see genuine applications from department

The workshop is taking place on 7 November from 12.30-2pm in room 441 and I’ve just been told I can order lunch for everybody. Huzzah!

So, what’s not to like? You have the opportunity to learn how to further your research career AND you get lunch.

Places are limited and you must book with me via email if you wish to attend.

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