About.me : how far we’ve come

about.me offers everyone a Web2.0 home page.  Besides an interesting trend in narcissism, two things strike me:

  1. Is this the ultimate page for the stalker? (or identity thief)  If  ‘yes’, then you presumably find value in the security through obscurity of having a selection of un-linked social networks.  That, in itself is an interesting discussion to have.
  2. The page links to many  leading content providers, without the need to give to about.me a single password (at last!).  Of course, the click-through for each of the sites entails giving permission to about.me to do almost anything with your account … but at least you can review and revoke that later (oauth is bullet-proof, right?! 🙂 ) .  Many of them, in turn, are happy to use Google or Facebook as authenticators (I noticed today that you can make a whole Yahoo! account just from a Google cross-authentication). It would be interesting to map what depends on what, these days.

All in all, this seems like progress of some sort.  It’s all starting to work, isn’t it?

Is about.me a good source of authoritative information about the named individual?  Hmm. I’m not sure about that: but if  ‘identity’ means anything at all, surely it means something about your ongoing and persistent relationships and interactions.

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