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I’m delighted to say that Professor Sadie Creese will be joining the Department of Computer Science – hopefully in October, but perhaps later – to become Professor of Cyber Security and bring leadership to our activity in that area.

Prof. Creese studied for her DPhil in Oxford, with Bill Roscoe as supervisor.  She then worked at QinetiQ before moving to Warwick University.  Coming with her will be Professor Michael Goldsmith and about eight other research staff.  The objective of this move is to create a large centre of expertise in Oxford, able to take an internationally-leading role in research around cyber security, information assurance, and related fields.  This is of course a major step forward in the vision I have been touting for some time (my ‘world domination plan’ as Ivan put it), and has every prospect of making Oxford an even more attractive partner for funders and other projects.  We will be looking for ways to enhance cross-disciplinary working in order that we can make genuine steps forward in this area.


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