This blog is written by members of the Systems Security Research Group at the Oxford University Department of Computer Science.

At the moment, the blog is named for the group … we will find a better name soon.

Each of the entries represents solely the opinions and perspectives of its named author – which they may or may not still hold by the time you are reading about them.  Nothing here should be taken as an expression of the opinion of the University or the Department.

Policy on comments: in the University we value the free exchange of ideas.  Comments are welcome, provided they respect that ideal.  We reserve the right to edit for content or to delete comments where necessary: defamation and or threats will not be tolerated.  Please bring problematic comments to our attention.

In addition to research, we run a teaching programme, leading to a Master’s in Software and Systems Security.  This is offered by part-time study and is designed around the working needs of busy professional.