Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative

Ontology Alignment for Query Answering (OA4QA)

This track will not follow the classical ontology alignment evaluation with respect to a set of reference alignments. Precision and recall will be calculated with respect to the ability of the generated alignments to answer a set of queries in a ontology-based data access scenario where several ontologies exist. For example, Figure 1 shows an OBDA scenario where one ontology provides the vocabulary to formulate the queries (QF-Ontology) and the other is linked to the data and it is not visible to the users (DB-Ontology). The integration via ontology alignment is required since only the vocabulary of the DB-Ontology is connected to the data.

Given a query and an ontology pair, a model (or reference) answer set will be computed using the correspondent reference alignment for the ontology pair. Precision and Recall will be calculated with respect to these model answer sets.

Figure 1: Ontology Alignment in an OBDA Scenario.


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This track is organized by Alessandro Solimando and Ernesto Jimenez Ruiz. If you have any problems working with the ontologies or any suggestions related to this track, feel free to write an email to alessandro [.] solimando [at] unige [.] it or ernesto [at] cs [.] ox [.] ac [.] uk or ernesto [.] jimenez [.] ruiz [at] gmail [.] com


The track is supported by the Optique project. We thank Ilianna Kollia and Birte Glimm, the authors of the query evaluation engine (OWL-BGP) we currently use in the OA4QA track.