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RDFox is a highly scalable in-memory RDF triple store that supports shared memory parallel datalog reasoning. It is a cross-platform software written in C++ that comes with a Java wrapper allowing for an easy integration with any Java-based solution.


Below you can find a Linux/OS X/Windows distribution of (J)RDFox. The archive contains a prebuilt OS specific version of RDFox as a library and executable. It also contains a Java demonstration project, which can be imported into Eclipse, or, alternatively, compiled using Apache Ant by navigating into the JRDFox folder and executing the command "ant" without any arguments.

Additionally, the source code is also available, for manual compilation of (J)RDFox. Full compilation instructions can be found here.

By downloading the sources and/or binaries of (J)RDFox, you agree to the following academic licence.

Using RDFox


Boris Motik, Yavor Nenov, Robert Piro, Ian Horrocks

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