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This summer several workshops will take place at Oxford University, July 17-23, 2006. These workshops include plenary, tutorial, survey and research talks. Plenary speakers are: Richard Jozsa (University of Bristol), Basil Hiley (Birkbeck College, London) and Jim Lambek (McGill University, Montreal). Tutorials include: Quantum Information and Computation, Computer Science Logic and Semantics. Tutorial speakers are: Samuel Lomonaco Jr (UMBC, Maryland), Samson Abramsky (Oxford University) and Simon Gay (University of Glasow).

Practicalities. The local organizing committee consists of:

Oxford is a pleasant place to visit during the summer, with many things to see (including London, only an hour by train), and a wealth of tourist attractions and beautiful country-side conveniently accessible. Oxford has a wide variety of places to stay, including both junior and senior College Accomodation, Hotels, Hostels, and many Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and Guest Houses. We would in particular recommend the B&Bs since they tend to be much cheaper than hotels, and the British breakfast keeps you going for the whole day. For information concerning accommodation in Oxford and traveling to Oxford please consult:
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The complete organizing team consists of : Samson Abramsky, Dmitri Akatov, Dan Browne, Bob Coecke, Ross Duncan, Bill Edwards, [Eric Oliver Paquette], Hilary Priestley, Isar Stubbe, Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Nikos Tzevelekos, Frank Valckenborgh, and Lee Momtahan (webpage support).

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