Joint 5th QPL and 4th DCM Workshops:

Quantum Physics and Logic
Development of Computational Models

July 12-13, 2008, Reykjavik, Iceland

Workshop Organizers:
Bob Coecke (co-chair)
Ian Mackie (proposer)
Prakash Panangaden (co-chair)

Program Committee:
Howard Barnum (Los Alamos)
Dan Browne (UC London)
Bob Coecke (Oxford)
Vincent Danos (Edinburgh)
Andreas Doering (IC London)
Viv Kendon (Leeds)
Annick Lesne (IHS Paris)
Ian Mackie (LIX Paris)
Prakash Panangaden (McGill)
Jon Yard (Los Alamos)

Invited speakers:
Terry Rudolph (IC London)
Andreas Winter (Bristol)

Jun 15: Corrected papers due


Terry Rudolph
Quantum computing, matrix permanents and why Bob Coecke isn't the only person who gets to do quantum mechanics by drawing trivial looking graphs

Andreas Winter
The Mother of All Protocols: Restructuring Quantum Information's Family Tree


Hans Briegel and Maarten Van den Nest
Measurement-based quantum computation and undecidable logic

Peter Selinger
Finite dimensional Hilbert spaces are complete for dagger compact closed categories

Lorenzo Maccone
A quantum solution to the arrow-of-time dilemma

Jamie Vicary
Categorical formulation of C*-algebras

Alejandro Diaz-Caro, Pablo Arrighi, Manuel Gadella and Jonathan Grattage
Measurements and confluence in quantum lambda calculus with explicit qubits

Howard Barnum and Alex Wilce
Information processing in convex operational theories: cloning, broadcasting, information-disturbance, bit commitment

Howard Barnum and Alex Wilce
Teleportation protocols in categories of abstract state spaces

Benoit Valiron
On quantum and probabilistic linear lambda-calculi

Keye Martin
How to randomly flip a quantum bit

Yannick Delbecque
Game semantics for lambda-calculus with quantum data

Simon Perdrix
Partial observation of quantum Turing machine and weaker well-formedness condition

Ed Blakey
Computational complexity in non-Turing models of computation - the What, the Why and the How

Bob Coecke and Bill Edwards
Toy quantum categories


Jonathan Grattage
An operational semantics for QML with a concrete implementation

Luca Bernardinello, Lucia Pomello, and Stefania Rombola
On orthomodular posets generated by transition systems

Larisse D. Voufo, Gerardo Ortiz and Amr Sabry
Quantum circuits: from a network to a one-way model

Amir M. Tavala, Soroosh Nazem and Ali A. Babaei-Brojeny
Verification of quantum protocols with probabilistic model-checker

Juliana Kaizer Vizzotto and Andre Rauber Du Bois
Modelling parallel quantum computing using transactional memory

Ellie D'Hondt and Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
Classical knowledge for quantum security

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