1. Andreas Doering
Some steps towards noncommutative Gel'fand duality

2. Johnny Feng
A Domain of Unital Channels

3. Matthias Kleinmann, Otfried Guehne, Jose Portillo, Jan-Ake Larsson and Adan Cabello
Classical simulation of contextuality requires memory beyond the Holevo bound

4. Chris Heunen
Complementarity in categorical quantum mechanics

5. Benjamin Schumacher and Michael D. Westmoreland
Isolation and information flow in quantum dynamics

6. Vladimir Korepin
Reduced Density Matrix in Spin Models

7. Bart Jacobs and Jorik Mandemaker
Coreflections in Algebraic Quantum Logic

8. Marco Lanzagorta
Kinematic Noise

9. Bob Coecke and Robert W. Spekkens
Picturing classical and quantum Bayesian inference

10. Peter Selinger
Autonomous categories in which A is isomorphic to A*

11. Tanner Crowder and Keye Martin
Information theoretic representations of qubit channels

12. Howard Barnum, Carl Philipp Gaebler and Alexander Wilce
Ensemble Steering, Weak Self-Duality, and the Structure of Probabilistic Theories

13. Benoit Valiron
Orthogonality and Algebraic Lambda-Calculus

14. Bruce Bartlett and Jamie Vicary
Compact Categories as dagger-Frobenius Pseudoalgebras

15. Howard Barnum, Ross Duncan and Alex Wilce
Convexity, Categorical Semantics and the Foundations of Physics

16. Bart Jacobs
Involutive Categories and Monoids, with a GNS-correspondence

17. Christian Herrmann and Martin Ziegler
Computational Complexity of Geometric Quantum Logic

18. Bob Coecke and Ray Lal
Causal categories: a mathematical backbone for a quantum-relativistic universe of interacting processes

19. Sanjeevi Krishnan
Strict algebraic models of weak omega-categories


20. Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
A Naive (but algebraic) Maximal Entropic Analysis of BB'84

21. Bas Spitters
The space of measurement outcomes as a non-commutative spectrum

22. Benjamin Schumacher and Michael D. Westmoreland
Modal quantum theory

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