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Q-day II


A second (informal) workshop on Mathematical Structures in Quantum Informatics is to be held in Paris, this time two days and at the IHP Institut Henri Poincare (room 314, 3rd floor) on the 8th and the 9th of December 2005. Among the proposed talks re-occuring topics are Measurement Based Approaches, Categorical Structures and Higher-Order Features in Quantum Informatics.

We plan to have a (minimal) reception on the evening of Wednesday the 7th (for those already in Paris), have a full day of talks and discussions on Thursday the 8th, and will continue this on Friday, but not untill too late in the afternoon giving participants the opportunity to travel home on Friday. If you are interested in participating, and perhaps give a 40' talk or a shorter 15' one, just contact us:

Please feel free to circulate this invitation further to whomever you think might be interested, especially students, and also those in an early stage of their work who can use the 15' slots to present their research projects. Those who will participate are:
  • Samson Abramsky (Oxford), Dmitri Akatov (Oxford), Thorsten Altenkirch (Nothingham), Pablo Arrighi (Grenoble), Dan Browne (Oxford), Bob Coecke (Oxford), Vincent Danos (PPS - Paris 7), Ross Duncan (Oxford), Bill Edwards (Oxford), Alexander Green (Nothingham), Chris Heunen (Nijmegen), Peter Hines (York, UK), Philippe Jorrand (Grenoble), Hynek Mlnarik (Brno, Czechia), Nikos Papanikolaou (Warwick, UK), Eric Paquette (Montreal), Simon Perdrix (Grenoble), Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (Montreal & Oxford), Sonja Smets (Brussels & LSE), Isar Stubbe (Coimbra), Mike Varnava (Imperial College).
  • Titles and Abstracts of Talks
  • Q-Day Program
Here's a map of the area (look for IHP) and here's some more detail. The area is the 5th district but the 6th is also very close. Here are some hotels: If you are looking for cheaper hotels further away (eg Gare du Nord) you can use this site.

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