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Dario Stein

Personal photo - Dario Stein

Dario Stein

Doctoral Student

E: dario.stein (at)

Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QD


I am interested in the denotational semantics of programming languages, especially those for probabilistic programming and quantum computation.

  • Probabilistic programming is the idea to express complicated statistical models succinctly using a programming language, with special constructs for both sampling and Bayesian inference.
  • Probabilistic languages range from specialized ones to completely general-purpose languages, commonly trading flexibility for efficiency of inference. Compiler optimizations help make inference run more efficiently.

My recent focus is on probabilistic programming languages that support higher-order functions. Their denotational semantics steps outside the traditional measure-theoretic formalization of probability theory. To that end, I am now investigating a new category-theoretic foundation of probability theory using mathematical structures called quasi-Borel spaces. Surprisingly, this has close connections to name generation and logical relations. Keywords: Probability monads, Functional programming, Type theory, Category theory, Descriptive set theory, ν-calculus