REXX/imc is a Rexx interpreter for Linux/Unix. It supports all the standard instructions and built-in functions, plus a small number of extensions, and has a partial implementation of the SAA API allowing applications to call Rexx programs and to register addressing environments, Rexx functions, and exit handlers. It comes in source form with full documentation; binary packages are also available for a small number of platforms, including Red Hat Linux running on IBM-compatible personal computers.

This web page gives you access to the online documentation of REXX/imc and to news about the interpreter as well as to the REXX/imc package itself.

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Apologies for the continued outdatedness of this web page. I do hope that things will pick up at some point in the future.


The RPMs at the bottom of this page have finally been updated to THE-3.1 and XCurses-2.5!

The current version of REXX/imc is 1.76, an unofficial bugfix release made on 25 February 2002. [Owing to a small oversight, this version still claims to be "REXX/imc-beta-1.75", though with an updated build date.] For more information please see the following documents from the REXX/imc package.

REXX/imc 1.76 is about half way to the next official bugfix release 1.8 planned at some indeterminate time in the future; version 1.8 will probably be the last version (possibly apart from further bugfixes) for some time. It is hoped that after a major rewrite REXX/imc 2 will eventually surface, but there is no fixed timescale for this and the project is some way off even being started yet.


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The REXX/imc Package

Packages are supplied in tar.gz, zip and (for Linux) rpm formats. Selected architectures have binary distributions available; these come with installation instructions (except the rpm file, which is installed using `rpm -i') and documentation. All the tar and zip files unpack into a subdirectory of the current directory.


`Upper' patch

The following patch can be applied to the clean rexx-imc-1.76 source directory to add the instruction "UPPER symbol [symbol...]" which will uppercase the contents of each named symbol. Note that none of the packages above includes this patch.

Patches for earlier releases

The following patch can be applied to the clean rexx-imc-1.75 source directory to bring it up to release 1.76. This is not required if you have already fetched any of the rexx-imc-1.76 packages. The following patch can be applied to the clean rexx-imc-1.7 source directory to bring it up to release 1.75. This is not required if you have already fetched any of the rexx-imc-1.75 packages.


THE is an editor written by Mark Hessling, modelled after IBM XEDIT and Mansfield KEDIT. It can be compiled to include REXX/imc as its macro language. For more information, visit the THE home site, but see also the patch below. However, here are some i386 and source RPMs for THE based on REXX/imc running on Red Hat Linux. You should install the above RPM for REXX/imc before installing THE.

The main THE-rexximc package contains the text-mode editor "the" together with the documentation and also some macros which are supplied with the source code. There is also a binary package THE-rexximc-X11 which adds to that the command "xthe", a native X11 version of THE using XCurses (see below). You will need to install the XCurses RPM if you wish to install THE-rexximc-X11. In addition, you need XCurses-devel if you wish to recompile the source RPM of THE-rexximc. Note that you no longer need to install the plain THE-rexximc package if you just want the X11 version, but you won't get any documentation or sample macros if you don't.

Release 2 of these THE-3.1 packages allows you to resize the terminal in which you are running the text version of THE (in the previous release THE would not recognise the size change). This is not available for Red Hat 5 because the resize often results in a crash (this is probably due to a bug in ncurses 4.2), but fortunately no one except me runs that old system any more.

Patch for THE using REXX/imc

This patch fixes compilation errors in THE version 3.1 when you use REXX/imc as the interpreter. The reason for the errors is that this version of THE tries to use a system exit which isn't implemented in REXX/imc yet. The exit is only used for resolving external function names; much the same effect can be produced by setting REXXPATH to include your THE macro path. This patch also makes sure THE registers its functions in the correct case.


XCurses is the Unix version of PDCurses, a curses-alike library maintained by Mark Hessling. XCurses allows most ordinary curses applications to be compiled as native X11 applications. This package is used by the X11 version of THE.

Last updated January 2003