xz80 Documentation Files

The files in this directory are (more or less) those of the current development version, so some of them may be newer than those contained in the last release, although most will have been unchanged. The file Changelog will contain a list of changes which have been added since the last release at the end of the file. If you want the documentation for a released version of xz80, you will have to obtain the current release of xz80. For that, please go to the Spectrum page where the package files are available.


Name                    Size  Last Updated

1994 COPYING mc01 17982 ul 25 1996 Changelog mc01 2016 ul 1 1997 README mc01 5527 ay 2 1994 imcrom.txt mc01 21734 ul 25 23:50 index.html mc01 0 ov 12 1995 xz80.1 mc01 21201 ov 24

This list was last updated on 12 November 2002.

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