IFIP Working Group 2.1 -- Meeting #61 Local Information

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Here is some information concerning the next IFIP WG2.1 Meeting, #61, which will take place in Belek, Antalya, Turkey, on March 27-31, 2006.


Letoonia Golf Resort
Ileribasi Mevkii
07500 Belek -- Antalya, Turkey
Phone: +90 242-715-1450
Belek is a village some 45 km (30 miles) from the city centre of Antalya. The hotel is on the beach.


Room Rates (per day)

    Single room:   80 euro
    Double room:   90 euro
    Triple room:  124 euro
Note: this is a group rate.

These rates are "all inclusive", meaning all meals, snacks and drinks at the hotel (only local brands for alcoholic beverages), as well as pools, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness center, "Mini Club" (ages 4-12), etc.

Bookings should be made DIRECTLY to the hotel -- more on that below.

Registration Fee

The Registration Fee will most likely be in the range of 175 to 225 euro. This covers other costs, including welcome cocktail, excursion and banquet. There will be a charge for accompanying people, which will be about 80 euro if they participate in the excursion as well as the banquet.

Getting There

There is a nearby international airport: Antalya Airport [code: AYT].

Note that you can shop duty-free not only on departure, but also on arrival. See the airport web site for more information.

The hotel runs shuttles between the airport and the hotel, which need to be paid separately. The fare is to be shared by the riders. A shuttle trip costs, in total, 40 euros by car and 60 euros by van. A taxi ride would cost much more.

There are reports that the cheap (charter) flights from Europe are getting full. Don't wait to book your flights.

You may consider extending your trip for either a Riviera-style vacation on the coast, or a sailing trip ("Blue Voyage"), or a more cultural trip, for example inland to Capadocia (Kapadokya).


We have arranged for a total solar eclipse to take place during the excursion, on Wednesday March 29, 2006. You may want to visit the National Observatory web page for more information about this event.

If you have witnessed a total solar eclipse before, we need not say more; you will want to come.

If you have not witnessed a total solar eclipse before: words cannot convey how it is; all we can say is: do not miss the opportunity.

(However, even for the Mediterranean coast in March, we cannot give a hard guarantee that the weather will cooperate.)

Next to not seeing the sun, we will do some sightseeing of antiquities (e.g. the Apollon Temple in Side) and scenery (e.g. the waterfalls of Manavgat).


On Thursday there will be a banquet in Kaleici, the historical old town and marina of Antalya.


Bookings should be made directly to the hotel, and to qualify for the group rate, you MUST use the magic words: "IFIP WG2.1 Meeting #61".

You will need to pay 30 percent of the room charges at the time of reservation. This will be charged on your credit card by mail order. The remainder is to be paid upon arrival.

There is a DEADLINE for reservation, which is February 15. After this date, your booking cannot be guaranteed. Also, after this date, any payment will become unrefundable. (There seems, however, to be a procedure for transferring your downpayment to another person who is late for registering, so not all may be lost. We'll try to find out more.)

To book, please contact Ms. Filiz AYDIN (Sales representative), or Ms. Meltem ERK (Chief of reservations).

You can make your booking by phone, fax or email.

Phone: +90 242-715-1450
Fax:   +90 242-715-2602
Email: filiz.aydin@letoonia.com
   or  reservation.belek@letoonia.com
Please also drop a line to the Group's Secretary, Jeremy Gibbons, so that we have some overview of who is planning to come.

More information

See additional page with more information.

Meeting Web Site

We'll try to set up a Meeting web site with this and more local information.

Halit Oguztuzun (local organizer), Lambert Meertens (moral support) - November 2005