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Katriel Cohn-Gordon

Personal photo - Katriel Cohn-Gordon

Katriel Cohn-Gordon

Doctoral Student

Leaving date: 18th October 2018


I'm interested in provable security, and how we can better align real-world security notions with the academic models in use today. I've spent some time looking at the Internet's public key infrastructure and the Certificate Transparency proposal, but am now looking at stateful security protocols and the extra guarantees they can provide.


tl;dr: maths undergrad, quantum masters, CS CDT DPhil

I did my first cryptanalysis as part of the National Cipher Challenge, before studying for the Maths Tripos at Jesus College, Cambridge. My interests there were in formal logic and foundations, and with that in mind I jumped ship for a masters' degree at Merton College, Oxford, writing my masters thesis with Chris Heunen in the quantum group. That investigated at protocols for bit commitment in the categorical formalism, and in particular how the impossibility result for traditional quantum mechanics carries across to the categorical world. Then I left for a year to work in finance, before returning to Oxford in the first cohort of the Cyber Security CDT. The CDT begins with a year of taught courses to lay a broad security foundation, and then I joined Cas's research group.

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