microPred: Effective classification of pre-miRNAs for human miRNA gene prediction

Rukshan Batuwita, Vasile Palade, Bioinformatics, 25, 989-995, 2009.

New: microPred Web Server is Available Here!!

microPred standalone version:
       Currently the microPred program is available only for the linux (Redhat/Fedora) platform.

  1. Download the microPred package: (for perl v5.8.: microPred.gz
  2. Unzip it (tar -xzvf microPred.gz).
  3. Read the ‘README’ file in microPred directory for the instructions for how to execute it.
Supplementary data:

microPred paper

If you find any problem of executing the microPred program please contact manohara.rukshan@comlab.ox.ac.uk or vasile.palade@comlab.ox.ac.uk