The First Workshop on

Cooperative Games in Multiagent Systems



Aims and Focus

The use of cooperative game theory to study how agents should cooperate and collaborate, along with the related topic of coalition formation, has received growing attention from the multiagent systems, game theory, and electronic commerce communities.  The focus of much of the current work in this area has been on exploring methods by which agents can form coalitions so as to solve problems of joint interest, make group decisions, and distribute gains arising from such cooperation.

The workshop is intended to focus on topics in cooperation in multi-agent systems, coalitional games, cooperative game theory and cooperative solution concepts, negotiation between agents, joint decision making and voting and formation of coalitions. We particularly encourage work on computational aspects of the following (non-limiting) areas:

  1. Cooperative game theory

  2. Coalition formation

  3. Joint decision making and voting

  4. Negotiation

  5. Collaborative filtering

  6. Market and economics based cooperation

The workshop should be of interest to researchers in cooperative game theory and coalition formation, as well as to those who examine collaboration between agents, cooperation in multiagent systems and design and implement collaborating agents. We also hope to attract participants who are interested in applications of cooperative game theory, which include trading agents, sponsored search and recommender systems.