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AgentLink: A Network of Excellence for Agent-Based Computing
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Cetus Links on Mobile Agents
DAI list archive
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Intelligent Agents WWW sites
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Agent People

Agre, Phil
Albayrak, Sahin
Baral, Chitta
Bates, Joe
Belnap, Nuel
Beer, Randall
Benthem, Johan van
Binmore, Ken G.
Bonasso, R. Peter
Brazier, Frances
Briot, Jean-Pierre
Brooks, Rodney
Castelfranchi, Cristiano
Cesta, Amedeo
Chaib-draa, B.
Cheyer, Adam
Ciancarini, Paolo
Cliff, Dave
Cohen, Paul
Cohen, Phil
Conte, Rosaria
Decker, Keith
Demazeau, Yves
d'Inverno, Mark
Dix, Juergen
Dorigo, Marco
Dragoni, Aldo Franco
Drogoul, Alexis
Durfee, Edmund H.
Edwards, Pete
Elliott, Clark
Etzioni, Oren
Fagin, Ron
Firby, R. James
Fischer, Klaus
Fisher, Michael
Franklin, Stan
Gmytrasiewicz, Piotr
Georgeff, Michael P.
Gini, Maria
Goldman, Claudia
Gray, Michael A.
Grosz, Barbara J.
Gustavsson, Rune
Guttman, Guttman
Hagg, Staffan
Halpern, Joseph Y.
Hankin, Chris
Hayes-Roth, Barbara
Hewitt, Carl
Hexmoor, Henry
Hoek, Wiebe van der
Huang, Zhisheng
Huhns, Michael N.
Ingrand, Felix Francois
Ishida, Toru
Janson, Sverker
Jennings, Nick
Johnson, Lewis
Jones, Andrew
Kautz, Henry
Kendall, Liz
Klusch, Matthias
Koller, Daphne
Konolige, Kurt
Kortenkamp, David
Kraus, Sarit
Krulwich, Bruce
Lander, Susan
Lange, Danny
Lesser, Vic
Levesque, Hector
Lieberman, Henry
Lind, Juergen
Littman, Michael
Luck, Michael
Maes, Pattie
Malone, Thomas W.
Mataric, Maja J.
Meyden, Ron van der
Meyer, John-Jules
Mueller, Joerg P.
Murphy, Robin
Musliner, David
Myers, Karen L.
Parunak, Van
Pell, Barney
Petrie, Charles J.
Pollack, Martha E.
Pollock, John L.
Reiter, Ray
Rhodes, Brad
de Rijke, Maarten
Rosenbloom, Paul
Rosenschein, Jeff
Russell, Stuart
Sandholm, Tuomas
Schroeder, Michael
Sen, Sandip
Shanahan, Murray
Shehory, Onn
Sierra, Carles
Simmons, Reid
Singh, Munindar P.
Sloman, Aaron
Subrahmanian, V. S.
Sycara, Katia
Tambe, Milind
Tennenholtz, Moshe
Tidhar, Gil
Tokoro, Mario
Tolksdorf, Robert
Trappl, Robert
Traum, David
Treur, Jan
Tuomela, Raimo
Veloso, Manuela
Vulkan, Nir
Wagner, Tom
Wegner, Peter
Weiß, Gerhard
Weld, Dan
Wellman, Michael
Wooldridge, Michael
Zlotkin, Gilad
<a>AI People

AI People

Fikes, Richard
Israel, David
Lifschitz, Vladimir
McCarthy, John
Minsky, Marvin
<a>Formal Methods/Logic People
Wilkins, David E.

Logic/Formal Methods People

Computer Science People
Formal Methods Peple
Mathematical Logic People
Clarke, Ed
Emerson, E. Allen
Gordon, Mike
Grumberg, Orna
Harel, David
Kozen, Dexter
Lamport, Leslie
Manna, Zohar
Moses, Yoram
Pnueli, Amir
Vardi, Moshe Y.
<a>Agent-Related Labs/Groups

Agent Groups

Agent Building Shell @ Uni of Toronto
Agents Group @ MIT Media Lab
Agent-Based Markets @ SICS (Sweden)
Agent-mediated Electronic Commerce @ MIT Media Lab
Artificial Intelligence @ SRI
Autonomous Agents Research Group @ CWRU
Boids - Flocks and Herds - a distributed behavioral model
Intelligent agents @ British Telecom
Cognitive Robotics Group @ U. of Toronto, Canada
Collaborative Agent Technology (CATS) @ UMD
Coordination Science @ MIT
Intelligent Web Agents @ Houston
DAI @ Hebrew University, Israel
DAI Unit @ QMW, London
Distributed Intelligent Agents Group @ UMich
Design Research Center @ Stanford
Dynamics of Computation Group @ PARC
Economic Learning & Social Evolution @ UCL, London
Enterprise Integration Laboratory @ Toronto Uni.
Flexx Project @ Durham
Foundation of ComputerScience @ Edinburgh, UK
Intelligent agents @ Melbourne, Oz
Intelligent agents @ Trinity College Dublin
Intelligent Software Agents by Sverker Janson
IP-CNR @ Rome, Italy
KIMSAC - EU ACTS project
Knowledge Systems Laboratory @ Stanford
Learning in MAS @ UMASS
Logic Group @ Stanford
Market-Oriented Programming @ UMich
ModelAge - Formal models of agents
MAS @ DFKI, Germany
Multi-Agent Systems Group @ Maastricht Uni.
MultiAgent Systems @ U Texas/Arlington
Nobotics Group @ Stanford
OZ project @ CMU
SOAR Project @ ISI
Software Agents @ CMU
<a>Agent-Related Companies & Commercial Products

Agent Companies

Agent Technologies, Inc. Homepage
Agentis (Australia)
Agent-Oriented Software Pty (Australia)
AgentSoft (Israel)
Agent Technologies Corp (USA)
Agorics (USA)
Australian AI Institute (Australia)
Blackboard Technology, Inc. (USA)
Broadcom (Ireland)
Cyberlife (UK)
Cycorp, Inc. (USA)
EnerSearch (Sweden)
Epistemics (USA)
Extempo (USA)
Frictionless Commerce (USA)
Hewlett Packard Labs Bristol
InfoSleuth project @ MCC
Intelligent Reasoning Systems' Homepage
IONA (Eire)
Knowbot System Software - Version 1.0 alpha 2
Nortel Networks: Products & Services - Announcements - FIPA-OS
Reactive Agents Project @ Teleos Research
Reticular Systems, Inc.
Riverland (Belgium)
Agents @ Rock Island Arsenal
Intelligent Agents @ YourCommand (!)
<a>Agent Societies

Agent Conferences and Workshops

Agent-mediated Electronic Commerce
Agents World 98
Autonomous Agents 2001
Autonomous Agents '99
Autonomous Agents '98
CIA-98 Workshop
Coop'98 - Design of Cooperative Systems
Cooperative Info Systems (CoopIS'98)
Coordination 99
HICSS-32 Mini-Track on Software Agents
ICMAS'98 Home Page
Information and Computation Economies - 1st International Conference
Socially Situated Intelligence
TARK Home Page
Transportable Agents - Dartmouth Workshop
WET ICE '97: Collaborative Agents in Distributed Web Applications
<a>Other conferences of interest

Related Conference and Workshops

IJCAI-01 - International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence
AI Conferences and Publications Page
Artificial Intelligence Planning Systems 1998 (AIPS-98)
CHI Conference
ECAI 2000
ECAI-98: European Conference on AI
ESSLLI-98: Call for Proposals
Future of AI and the Internet (IJCAI '97)
JELIA '98: Logic in AI
KR'98 Home Page
UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group

Agent Software Resources: Tools, Languages

Agent Construction Tools
Agent Collaboration Language Project
CMUnited RoboCup-98 Simulator Team Page
The Zeus Agent Building Toolkit Home Page
Cognitive/Agent Architecture
Complexity of Cooperation, Robert Axelrod
DA-SoC testbed for Windows
Game Theory -- History
Genetic Programming Resources
Object Rexx
<a>Object Management Group (OMG) Agents Stuff
Object Management Group (CORBA)
Jini(tm) Technology Grants the Ultimate Wish
Soar @ UMich -- FAQ
AAAI 97 Tutorial: Agent Development in Soar
SodaBot @ MIT
<a>Agent Communication Languages
The Swarm Simulation System
The ARPA Knowledge-Sharing Effort

Agent Communication Languages

KQML: The Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language
KIF: The Knowledge Interchange Format

Agent Programming Languages


Agent Construction Tools
IBM Intelligent Agents
Ontolingua: A Tool for Developing Ontologies
What is an ontology?
The SodaBot Home Page
UM-PRS -- C++ Version of PRS
The Network - Programme One (radio programme about agents)
<a>About Java

Agent Societies & Standardisation Efforts

The Agent Society
FIPA - Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
German DAI SIG (Gesellschaft für Informatik Fachgruppe 1.1.6: Verteilte KI)
OMG Agent Working Group
RoboCup Official Site
UK Multi-Agent Systems SIG (FoMAS)

AI & Other Societies

AI & Simulation of Behaviour (UK)
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Association for Symbolic Logic
European Coordinating Committee on AI
<a>Agent-Related Conferences & Workshops

WWW Agents

General Magic, Inc. (Telescript manufacturers)
BargainFinder from Andersen (?)
Cipher HomePage
Highlights - client-side agent from Tierra Communications
IBM Web Browser Intelligence
InTEXT - WWW search tools
Intraspect - Knowledge management systems
Jango from Netbot
NetscapeWorld - Agents
Newbot from Wired
Searchbots from UMass
Secret Agent from Ariel
Taxi - internet assistent
TechTools -- Offline Web Agents
WebCompass from Quarterdeck
WiseWire Corporation
Times Higher Education Supplement Internet Service

Agent-Related Journals

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Artificial Societies and Social Simulation Journal
Emergence: A Journal of Complexity Issues in Organizations and Management

Other Journals of Interest

ACM Trans on Computational Logic
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
Applied AI Jnl
Artificial Intelligence
E-Commerce Journal
Formal Aspects of Computing Journal (FACS)
IEEE Concurrency
IEEE Evolutionary Computing
IEEE Expert Online
IEEE Intelligent Systems
IEEE Internet Computing
Intelligent Data Analysis
Jnl of Applied Non-Classical Logics
Jnl of AI Research (JAIR)
Jnl of Software Eng. & Knowledge Eng.
PSYCHE: an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness
WWW Journal

Agent-related books

A Collection of Computer ScienceBibliographies
Clarifications and Additions for AI: A Modern Approach
Agent-related book list
Agent Technology
The Complexity of Cooperation : Agent-Based Models of Competition and Collaboration (Princeton Studies in Complexity)
Intelligent Agents - Theories, Architectures, and Languages
Intelligent Agents IV
Readings in Agents
Reasoning about Rational Agents

Digital Libraries, Information & Knowledge Management

FirstFloor Software: Delivering on the promise of the Web
International Journal of Digital Libraries
Paying Their Way: Digital Libraries for the 21st Century
Internet/|Scientific American Report
Stanford University Electronic Library
D-Lib Magazine
<a>Software Engineering
Ei Compendex*Plus
Online access to INSPEC
Welcome to PLS
Inso Corporation OEM Products
The Iconovex Corporation
FreeLoader, Inc.
Lanacom Headliner
CompassWare Home
Tympani Development
Folio Corporation Home Page
Xilinx Home Page

Push Technology

Castanet from Marimba
Netcaster from Netscape
Distribution and Replication Protocol (marimba + netscape)

Software Engineering

Software Engineering Archives
Software Engineering Net Resources

Various Publishers

Addison Wesley Longman
Baltzer Science Publishers
MIT Press
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Springer-Verlag Berlin/Heidelberg


Intelligent Agents Java Software

JAM -- Java BDI System
Java Interface for Prolog

Mobile Agent Java Software

Aglets Workbench from IBM
AJANTA: Home Page
Concordia - Mitsubishi Mobile Java Agents
The World of Jinni
Odyssey - GenMagic Mobile Java Agents
Programming Mobile Agents in Java
Plangent - Intelligent mobile agents
Voyager - An Agent Java System by Object Space
<a>Java Books, Applet Sites & Other Stuff

Other Java Agent Systems

Jess, the Java Expert System Shell
Bits & Pixels Intelligent Agents
Java Agent Template (JAT)
JKQML: Another technology from alphaWorks by IBM
JMT(Java-based Moderator Templates)

About Java - free guides, FAQ, ...

Java(tm) Home Page
The Java Tutorial
The Java Language Specification FAQ
Draft Java Coding Standard

Java Books

Java Book Series from Addison-Wesley
Hot Books!
Marimba - Bongo, Castanet & other Java products
SunTest - testing applets
JavaWorld - Java magazine


Linux Technical Support
Redhat LINUX
Allegro Common LISP -- free for LINUX
<a>Digital Libraries
Star Division - International Homepage

Search Engines

Lycos UK and Ireland


UML Center
UML Reference
Cetus Links: 15,763 Links on Objects and Components / Unified Modeling Language (UML)
UML Documentation Resources
UML Summary - Scope of the UML
Index of /tutorial/doc/uml

XML (Xtensible Markup Language)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Extensible Markup Language
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
20 questions on XML

Grid Computing

Grid Computing Info Centre: GRIDInfoware

Model Checking

The SMV System
Model Checking @ CMU
Spin Model Checker @ Bell Labs

Funding Bodies

Welcome to CoABS
DARPA Agent Mark Up Language (DAML)
EPSRC Grants on the Web enquiries - results
EPSRC Home page
Esprit Programme Home Page
Compulog Net Home Page
ISO World Programs
DARPA Agent-based Computing

Other Resources

Going on holiday: Currency rates
Bibliographies on Artificial Intelligence
Complexity Related Links
Computing Research Repository (CoRR)
Philosophy of Action Bibliography
Planning Resources
ACM SIG Conference Manual - Table of Contents
SunSITE Northern Europe at the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London.