An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems/Michael Wooldridge

An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems

by Michael Wooldridge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a legacy site, no longer actively maintained. All the materials on this site refer to the first edition of the book, which has now been superceded by the second edition.

Introduction to MultiAgent Systems is an undergraduate textbook on multiagent systems, published by John Wiley and Sons in March 2002. It is the first book to be explicitly designed for use as a course text on an undergraduate/beginning graduate course on multiagent systems. Assuming only a basic understanding of computer science, the text introduces students to all the main issues in the theory and practice of intelligent agents and multiagent systems - one of the most important and rapidly expanding areas in computer science today.

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An Introduction to Multiagent Systems by Michael Wooldridge. Published in February 2002 by John Wiley & Sons (Chichester, England). ISBN 0 47149691X.
340pp approx; includes bibliographical references and index.