Videos for "An Introduction to Multiagent Systems (Second Edition)"

To accompany the book, I have made a series of short videos. For each chapter in the book, I identified the key learning concepts, and made a short video to explain the concept. The videos can be downloaded directly, or viewed via YouTube. I hope you find the videos instructive, but please bear in mind that they are intended to accompany the textbook -- not to replace reading it!

Video Numbering Scheme

All videos are given a number in the form XX-YY. Here, XX refers to the chapter of the book, and YY refers to the sequence number within that chapter. Thus video 03-02 is the second video for chapter three.

Download Video Format

Videos are available free to download in MPEG4 (MP4) format, and should be viewable using many freely available viewers (e.g., Apple's QuickTime viewer). Videos are provided in the hope that they will be a useful study aid, but remain the copyright of the author, and may not be redistributed or modified in any way.

Video Quality

Anybody can watch the videos on YouTube, but if you have a YouTube account then you will be able to view the videos at their best: On YouTube, log in, and go to ``Account'', then ``Playback Setup'', and choose the option to ``always play higher quality video''. This will give the best video quality.