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Other Attributes of Agency

Various other attributes are sometimes discussed in the context of agency. For example: mobility is the ability of an agent to move around an electronic network [White, 1994]; veracity is the assumption that an agent will not knowingly communicate false information [Galliers, 1988b]; benevolence is the assumption that agents do not have conflicting goals, and that every agent will therefore always try to do what is asked of it [Rosenschein and Genesereth, 1985]; and rationality is (crudely) the assumption that an agent will act in order to achieve its goals, and will not act in such a way as to prevent its goals being achieved - at least insofar as its beliefs permit [Galliers, 1988b]. (A discussion of various different attributes of agency, along with an attempt to formally define them, appears in [Goodwin, 1993].)
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