Accompanying material for

"Generalizing Generalized Tries", by Ralf Hinze, Journal of Functional Programming 10(4), pp. 327-351, July 2000.

The programs run under Hugs 98 as of September 1999 or February 2001 (or GHC 4.04 or GHC 4.08). Since the code uses rank-2 type signatures Hugs must be called setting the flag -98, for instance, hugs -98 Main.lhs (for GHC add -fglasgow-exts to the command line arguments). NB. Since some of the trie types have second-order kinds, Haskell's Show class cannot be used to print elements of these types. Instead, we have to code the printing routines by hand (employing the technique of polytypic programming once again).

The complete source code is available here: 7 KB gzipped tar file.
Journal of Functional Programming