Building PDQ from its sources



Both internal and external dependencies are managed by Maven automatically through the pom.xml files. These files can be found inside each project. However, if you wish to build the projects outside Maven, consider the following dependencies

Project dependencies (internal)

Project dependencies (external)


The following instructions apply when you use Maven as the build system.

Type under the top directory of each project

mvn install

Two JARs will be built and placed in the project's "target/" directory. Go to the "target/" directory of the pdq-benchmark project. You will notice the following jar

pdq-project-<version>.jar, contains the bytecode for the planner only, i.e., you need to make sure all dependencies are on the CLASSPATH to run it.

pdq-benchmark-<version>.one-jar.jar, is fully self-contained and can be run directly both for planning and plan execution.