The Theory and Practice of Concurrency

The theory and practice of concurrency is a comprehensive text on Communicating Sequential Processes, allowing readers to advance from complete beginners to the state of the art in both the theory of CSP and in its practical application. It assumes only a basic knowledge of sets, sequences and functions.

The first part provides a foundation course on CSP suitable for an undergraduate or introductory graduate course. The second part covers the theory of CSP, demonstrating a variety of semantic approaches. The third part shows how issues such as security, real-time, fault-tolerance, protocols, and distributed databases can be modelled and verified using CSP and its automated tools.

The text includes exercises throughout. Answers to most of these, together with a wide variety of other related material, can be obtained via the world-wide web at URL

The author is Bill Roscoe and it is published in the Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science (580pp).

ISBN 0-13-674409-5