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The Algebra of Programming group at Oxford studies programming languages and methods. In particular, we are concerned with mathematically sound yet ergonomically convenient techniques for manipulating and reasoning with programs: a calculus is worthless if it is not sound, and useless if it is not easy to work with.


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Mailing list

There is a mailing list for the Algebra of Programming group. Membership of the list is intended to coincide with membership of the group. Please feel free to use it to announce meetings, pose problems, and so on. (Only members can post to the list.)

To post to the list, send your message to the list posting address To subscribe to the list, send an email message containing (only) the command `subscribe' to the list request address. (The list will only be of interest to those attending the group, as it carries mainly administrative rather than technical content.) For further information, send a message containing the command `help' to the Majordomo address.


The following pages contain more information about the Algebra of Programming group:

Jeremy Gibbons (Jeremy.Gibbons@comlab.ox.ac.uk)

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