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MAG - a small transformation system for Haskell

MAG is a small transformation system for a subset of Haskell. It was originally written as a teaching tool for the 3rd International Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming. One of its most innovative features is the use of novel matching algorithms for lambda expressions, the one-step and two-step matching algorithms. MAG is also of interest because it makes use of the language implementation tools (for parsing, pretty-printing and semantic analysis) now under development at Utrecht University.

MAG version 2.11 source distribution

MAG version 2.11 binary distribution, Linux on Intel x86

MAG version 2.11 binary distribution, Cygwin/Windows on Intel x86
(not tested without cygwin; compiled on i686 but should work on i386 upwards)

You can also view the documentation for version 2.11 separately: PS PDF

You can try out MAG online here

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