Tom Melham - Note for Prospective Doctoral Students

Thinking of doing a doctoral research degree at Oxford? I am always willing to consider taking on new DPhil (‘PhD’) students wishing to work on topics in applications of formal logic, mechanised reasoning, model checking and theorem proving, formal verification, digital circuit design, reconfigurable hardware, programming language semantics, or metacomputation. Probably the best place to start is to have a look at the current research featured on my web pages and my recent publications. See also the work done by my current and former graduate students, as well as the web pages of the Verification group at Oxford.

Enquiries and Applying. If you feel there is a good match between your interests and my research, please consider making a formal application to our DPhil programme. Full details on the procedure for applying and lots of helpful information on doctoral study at Oxford are available on the Laboratory's web page for prospective DPhil students. For informal enquiries you can also just email me. If you do get in touch, it is very helpful if you can provide some details of the kind of research topic you want to pursue and specifics of your academic background that make you suited to research in this area.

Funding. Have a look at the scholarships section of the Laboratory's web pages; this provides links to numerous sources of funding support for doctoral studies here. Occasionally I also have funding for specific projects, in which case these will be advertised prominently on my home page.

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