Understanding Concurrent Systems   Citations

Information on CSP books can be found on the texts page. 

Copies of most of the author's own papers can be found here.

Here are links to the publications/DBLP pages of some other authors who write about CSP and related topics:

Tony Hoare
Steve Brookes
Gavin Lowe
Michael Goldsmith
Joel Ouaknine
Jim Davies
Steve Schneider
Ranko Lazic
Markus Roggenbach
Antti Valmari
Rob van Glabbeek

Here are links to some other selected citations:

The fixed-point theory of unbounded nondeterminism, by Geoff Barrett (see Chapter 12)
Model-checking Simpson's four slot fully asynchronous communication mechanism, by John Rushby (see Chapter 19)
Leslie Lamport's original paper on the Bakery algorithm (See Chapters 18/19)
Weakest congruence results concerning any-lock, by Antti Puhakka (See Chapter 12)
The semantics and implementation of machine-readable CSP, by Bryan Scattergood (defining CSPM)

DBLP and Google Scholar are useful tools for tracking down other papers.

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