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Bioinformatics group

The primary contact for work on bioinformatics within the Department of Computer Science is Peter Jeavons, who teaches a one-week module on Algorithm Design and Complexity for Bioinformatics (part of the Oxford MSc Course in Bioinformatics).

The group has close links with the Bioinformatics Group in the Department of Statistics, led by Jotun Hein.

The group has developed a number of bioinformatics tools, often as part of a student project.


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Selected Publications

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Enhancing the prediction of transcription factor binding sites by incorporating structural properties and nucleotide covariations

Z. Zhang S. Gunewardena P. Jeavons

In Journal of Computational Biology. Vol. 13. No. 4. Pages 929−945. 2006.

Automatic analysis of agarose gel images

Jonathan Flint P. S. Umesh Adiga A. Bhomra M. G. Turri A. Nicod S. R. Datta Peter Jeavons Richard Mott

In Bioinformatics. Vol. 17. No. 11. Pages 1084−1089. 2001.

Information categorisation in biological sequence alignments

Sumedha Gunewardena and Peter Jeavons

No. RR−04−24. Oxford University Computing Laboratory. November, 2004.


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