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Computer Science and Philosophy course

Year 2

Second year students on the Computer Science and Philosophy degree study approximately an equal amount of Computer Science and Philosophy. Students study 25% core Computer Science modules, 25% Computer Science options, and 50% Philosophy options. This equates to 4 Computer Science modules, and 2 Philosophy modules, as each Philosophy paper carries twice the weight of a Computer Science course.

The two core Computer Science papers that Computer Science and Philosophy students in the second year are Models of Computation, and Algorithms.

Year 3

In the third year students have more flexibility in their choice of programme. Students must take two, four or six Computer Science options and three, two or one (respectively) Philosophy papers. (Each Philosophy paper has twice the weight of a Computer Science course.)

Year 4

In the fourth year students have even more flexibility in their choice of courses. They may take units in any combination from the two subjects, depending on the unit's weighting, out of advanced options in Computer Science, a Computer Science project, Philosophy papers, or a Philosophy thesis. (However students are not permitted to take both a Computer Science Project and a Philosophy thesis.)