EPSRC Call: International Research in Security (IRIS)


EPSRC is inviting proposals from UK academics for projects which will support visiting Fellows from India, Israel or Japan to carry out cyber security research in, and build collaborative links with, the UK. Proposals are welcome in any area of research directly relevant to cyber security, including less well-represented domains such as the social, economic and mathematical sciences.

The deadline for this call is 28 August 2014. Further information can be found at this link.


BBSRC: Advanced Life Sciences Research Technologies initiative (ALERT14)

BBSRC will shortly be launching the second round of the Advanced Life Sciences Research Technologies initiative (ALERT14). This initiative is for the acquisition of advanced research equipment and the development of capability in its creative use (including infrastructure for big data).

There will be a webinar on 27 March at 2pm to launch the call and to provide further information. Please see http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/news/events/1403-alert14-webinar.aspx for details of how to register for the webinar.

Details from the 2013 call can be found here, and information on what was funded in the 2013 round can be found here.


If you have contacts in the US now could be a good time to consider a collaboration (depending on your field of interest).

RCUK and America’s NSF have signed a document which provides and overarching framework to encourage collaborations between our two countries. They’ve launched a pilot programme in the area of Bio-Sciences with a maximum of £2 million per project (100% FEC). More details: http://www.bbsrc.ac.uk/funding/internationalfunding/nsfbio-lead-agency-pilot.aspx

Projects at the intersection of the following topics are invited:

  • BBSRC Strategic Research Priorities, Responsive Mode
    Data Driven Bioscience
    Systems Approaches to the Biosciences
    Synthetic Biology (September 2015 submissions only)
  • NSF/BIO Solicitations
    Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Solicitation NSF 13-510
    Division of Biological Infrastructure Solicitation NSF 12-567

The intersection areas include systems biology, computational biology, bioinformatics and synthetic biology (Autumn 2015 only).

The deadline for the intent to submit is 30 May 2014, and the full application deadline is 24 September 20104.

Let me know if you are interested in submitting something.