Horizon 2020 Future Emerging Technologies – Update


UKRO, as promised, have provided details and statistics in regards to the Horizon 2020 Future Emerging Technologies Theme.

643 proposals were submitted to the previous FET Open call. Out of this, 4 were rejected due to incompatibility to the theme, whilst 24 proposals were accepted for grant preparation. Out of these 24, only 5 had UK coordinators, with the University of Oxford accounting for 1 fifth of these. Cranfield University (2), Exeter and Nottingham made up the remaining 4.

UKRO have also provided details of a FET Proactive programme. This is likely to be instigated in 2016/17, and will cover 4 specific themes:

  • Collective technologies for societal change:
    – Being human in a technological world
    – New science for a globalised world
  • Biotech and computing for better life
    – Intra- and inter-cell bio-nano-chem technologies
    – Bio-electronic medicines and therapies
    – Cognitive neuro-technologies
  • Alternative technologies for smart devices
    – New computing paradigms and their technologies
    – Quantum technologies
  • New technologies for Energy and Materials
    – Complex bottom-up construction
    – Ecosystem engineering

The first and third and most relevant to department, however it may be of interest to view the other themes.

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To view the results of FET-Open in full – Click Here


“Smart Oxford” Initiative – Volunteers needed


The Smart Oxford Initiative is now live! Smart Oxford represents a commitment by Oxfordshire Partners to develop efficient and effective use of data and technology for the benefit of it’s citizens.

The aims of “Smart Oxford” are listed below:

  • creating joined-up thinking and behaviour across all city services;
  • creating economic and social prosperity;
  • enhancing performance, well-being and quality of life;
  • reducing costs and resource consumption; and
  • engaging actively with all its citizens.

The website will be looking for bloggers on smart-city related topics so anyone is interested in writing a smart-city themed article, or re-blogging some existing material. This would be an excellent opportunity to utilise your knowledge and point-of-view on a public network, reaching Oxford and beyond.

To visit the Smart Oxford website – Click Here
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Innovate UK: Protecting Data in Industry – R&D Call


With the rising use of digital technology across all areas of society and the economy, the sophistication of cyber attacks – and their impact – is growing faster than the ability to detect and prevent them. What used to be an internet problem is now impacting the physical world. Manufacturing, transport and logistics, food production, healthcare, energy supply and generation and core city infrastructure all rely on the availability and accessibility of digital systems, thus creating a digital ‘supply chain’ for data.

Innovate UK is to invest up to £4 million in collaborative research and development (R&D) projects that tackle the growing risks of disruption to internet-enabled businesses and their digital supply chains. The aim is to identify and fund industrial research that will strengthen the protection and resilience of such data, so businesses and the public can place higher levels of confidence in the delivery of digitally enabled business products and services. Proposals must be collaborative and led by a business. It is expected to fund mainly industrial research projects in which a business partner will generally attract up to 50% public funding for their project costs.

There will be a briefing event held in 4 different parts of the UK:

1) Belfast – 25th March 2015 – Sign Up
2) Cardiff – 30th March 2015 – Sign Up
3) London – 31st March 2015 – Sign Up or Webinar – Sign Up
4) Edinburgh – 1st April 2015 – Sign Up

This is a 2-stage call, involving an initial expression of interest (following completed registration), with successful applicants being taken on to the full stage.

Registration of Interest Deadline – 29th April 2015 at 12pm
Expression of Interest Deadline – 6th May 2015 at 12pm

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EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards – Call


The EPSRC Healthcare Technologies theme invites applications to an initiative designed to create a promising future leaders who will develop new research capabilities across the EPSRC portfolio to address unmet healthcare needs. This call opens on the 24th March 2015.

This call is intended to support early career researchers (ECRs) to develop a personal programme of high quality, creative, and multidisciplinary research, and to build and grow their research group. A budget of £10 million is available to support around ten personal awards. Applicants to this call should have demonstrable leadership potential, both in terms of team leadership and research field leadership, and they should be strongly supported by their host institution. EPSRC seeks applicants who want to revolutionise healthcare technologies both through the development of field changing fundamental research, and through the integration of approaches which ensure user needs are considered.

This call is closely aligned to the Healthcare Technologies strategy and applications should bring a creative and multidisciplinary approach to one of the four grand challenge areas:

1) Developing Future Technologies
2) Frontiers of Physical Intervention
3) Optimising Treatment
4) Transforming Community Health and Care

This call is suitable for academics that have held a permanent academic post at an eligible institution for a maximum of eight years at the point of application. Applicants will initially submit outline applications, with those selected at this stage invited to submit a full proposal for peer review and interview.

Deadline for applications: 4pm on 14th May 2015

To find out more – Click Here (PDF)
To apply – Click Here

A reminder to contact your Research Facilitation Team as soon as you have intentions of applying.

Research Professional Demo Session – Training


Oxford Research Services have arranged for a representative of ResearchProfessional.com to hold divisional ResearchProfessional demos for the MPLS division.

ResearchProfessional.com is the online research funding information service to which the University subscribes, and so all current Oxford staff and students with a valid ox.ac.uk email address can use this service. It is an invaluable resource in locating funding opportunities that fit your individual needs and can be used to create subscriptions for when new calls arise. This is ideal for Oxford post-graduates/post-doctoral staff, academics/contract researchers, research support staff, and anyone else interested in finding research funding in the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences.

The event is free, but participants will need to register via the link below.

Date: Monday 20th April 2015
Time: 2:00-3:30 pm
Location: Large Lecture Theatre, Plant Sciences, South Parks Road (map).

To register for the event – Click Here