EPSRC: A step towards an intelligent information infrastructure

EPSRC have announced a call for outlines for “A step towards an intelligent information infrastructure”, which has been issued as part of the ‘Towards an intelligent information infrastructure’ (TI3) priority.

Proposed projects should focus on no less than two sub challenges identified within the priority:

Protocols for a 21st Century Internet

  • Energy Efficient Communication and Data Systems
  • Building Context and Content Aware networks
  • Extracting Understanding from Data
  • Seamless mode adaptive communications

Research projects are expected to be speculative, look well beyond current or developing solutions, and be potentially transformational in nature. Up to £5M of funding is available for this call, and collaborations with industry or other users is encouraged, although not mandatory. The usual costs can be sought, including staff, travel and subsistence, visiting researchers and public engagement activities.

The call document can be found at this link.

The call opens on JeS on 7th May and closes on 18 June (internal deadline 11 June), which gives plenty of time to consider an idea. There are no details yet on expected project length or cost unfortunately which does restrict preparations somewhat – I expect these will be released when the call is opened on 7th May.

If you intend to apply, please let me know well in advance so I can manage my workload, and help RS to manage theirs.

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