CDE Themed Call – The Challenges of Countering Terrorist Network

The Challenges of Countering Terrorist Networks

 The effects of terrorism can have a significant impact on the UK. Identifying terrorist activity and understanding the associated network is key to countering any impact a network may exert.

This CDE themed call presents the following three S&T challenges:

  1. Understanding networks – we need effective methods to explore the potentially large volume of data available from a variety of sources, across a range of data formats (eg audio, visual, text) to help identify the key activities and individuals that form any network.
  2. Identifying individuals – we are looking for novel techniques that uniquely identify an individual, be those biometric or repeatable behaviours (eg within the digital domain). Priorities in this area include reducing the size, weight and power requirements of current forensic technology, moving to near real-time processing and the potential of remote operation without reaching back to large databases.
  3. Translating information – we need to extract information from different sources which may be in a wide range of different languages. In particular, we need to be able to rapidly prioritise sources of information (audio, paper and electronic) to enable human interpreters to focus only on key information sources for full translation.

There is a launch event taking place in Reading, on 19 March, which I would recommend attending if you are considering applying.

  •  Internal deadline: Tuesday 24 April 2013 1200
  • Official deadline: Wednesday 1 May 2013 1700

Please let me know if any of you are interested in applying.

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