colwiz – Reference Management, Simplified

I’ve been contacted by a start up company, which was created right here at the University of Oxford, that might be able to help you in your daily life as researchers and academics. Colwiz is a tool which provides researchers with free reference management and collaboration software:

Reference Management – colwiz is an ideal tool for manuscript preparation, permitting authors to cite and generate bibliographies automatically from their own personal library of articles. colwiz is supported cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux), and provides plugins for all common word processors (MS Word, LaTeX, Open Office).

Collaboration – colwiz gives researchers free cloud storage and a secure platform for file and idea sharing, with optional networking to researchers worldwide.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the tool, you can visit There is also an opportunity for me to arrange a webinar or demo sessions to give you more information – if this is something you’d like to attend please let me (Kelly) know.

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