Dstl: Industry and academia engagement day

DstlRepresentatives from industry and academia are invited to an engagement day on 17 July in Winchester to help shape how the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) contracts for analysis in the future.

The Analysis Support Construct (ASC) project has been commissioned to deliver an agile and flexible commercial solution to address increased government demand for evidence-based decision-making.

Demand for studies requiring analysis, from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and across government, remains high and is expected to increase over the next few years. Dstl is looking to work with industry and academia to meet this current and future demand.

The ambition is to design a contract vehicle that can allow a broad supplier base to work in a flexible and responsive manner across a range of analysis programmes.

Areas will include policy and strategy, decision support, capability and investment support, operational support, and methods, models, tools and techniques.

This event aims to showcase current thinking and explore options for growing a community which has a shared understanding of the problems and domain knowledge and examine industries’ views on the chosen analysis taxonomy.

To register for the engagement day visit https://www.regonline.co.uk/ASCsupplierday

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