EPSRC Bilateral Research Workshops

EPSRC are still offering the chance to gain funding for Bilateral Research Workshops (N + N meetings).

These can be held to exchange ideas and expertise internationally, with the objective of exploring the possibility of more substantial future collaboration. Roughly equal numbers attend from each side.

EPSRC will fund travel and accommodation expenses of UK participants and, for meetings in the UK, core meeting costs.

It is preferred that a single UK participant co-ordinates the UK side and submits a single standard research grant proposal to cover all the UK side’s costs.

If you are interested in applying for this type of funding, please contact the relevant EPSRC head of programme before submitting a proposal. The information contained on this page is the sum of all information I’ve found online about this funding scheme so without contacting EPSRC you’ll be in the dark about a lot of the requirements! Please also let me know of any plans you have to submit.

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