EPSRC Call: Software for the Future II


EPSRC are offering up to £4M of funding for projects focused on the development of software that is used in computational science and engineering.

As part of an on-going series of regular software development calls, this call covers the development of novel code, the development of new functionality for existing codes and the development and re-engineering of existing codes. Strategic drivers are: developing code for emerging hardware architectures; developing researchers with key software engineering skills and software sustainability.

In order to allow maximum time for the selection of appropriate reviewers and panel members, all applicants must register their intent to submit using the electronic ‘Intent to submit’ form on the Software for the Future II call page on the EPSRC website. The form must be submitted to EPSRC by 16:00 on Monday 28th April 2014. Full applications will not be accepted where EPSRC has not received an intent to submit form. The full deadline is 16:00 on Wednesday 28 May 2014.

Full details of the call can be found at this link.

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